AER-8 Linear Aeration System

AER-8 Linear Aeration System

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Aer-8 units are available in 60″ and 78″ widths, either pull-type or 3-point hitch mounted frame styles. The pull-type kit can be outfitted with hydraulic lines directly to the tow vehicle or with an electric/hydraulic power pack. The power pack includes a remote control to the driver’s seat and a battery-charging cable to maintain charge in the battery through repeated use.

An additional benefit is water conservation. Voids in the soil capture rain or irrigation for maximum moisture utilization and run-off prevention. Hillsides and fairway mounds are lush and green again. Wet spots are opened and evaporation rates increased to bring the soil moisture back into balance and the area back into full utilization.



A 7″ tine with a twist and lean to fracture the soil profile laterally and vertically to establish percolation. It is available on both 5″ and 7.5″ centers.



A 6″ tine, available on 5″ and 7.5″ centers, used to manage surface compaction and maintain infiltration rates all season. We recommend this tine be used in conjunction with the smoothing roller for optimal depth setting and maintenance of surface playability.



This ultra-thin tine, on either 3″ or 5″ centers, is used to manage thatch between verticutting or coring-tine treatments. Reduces run off and maintains infiltration rates on greens, approach areas and bent grass fairways. We highly recommend using the smoothing roller with the Aer-fine tine.



A ¾”  X 4″ tine, on either 3″ or 5″ centers, used for the soil preparation for top-dressing and over seeding, or for dethatching. Major advantages include the variable ballast weight and high aeration speed