Spray Star 300T

Smithco’s unmatched line of spray equipment now includes a towable unit - delivering the same precise spray application you know and trust in an adaptable piece of machinery.

Spray Star 300T Features


The 300T towable sprayer is designed to fit your budget. More affordable than a new piece of spray equipment, a towable sprayer allows your course to have the benefits of a Smithco sprayer at a budget you can afford.


Just hitch and go. With the 300T towable sprayer, you can seamlessly integrate this unit to your already existing equipment. It’s simple and easy to use, saving you time and money.


Equipped with the most precise spray application in the industry, TeeJet’s 8140 technology saves you time and money. Simply set your course’s rate and target application.

Tow Vehicle Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum drawbar power of 20 HP (15kw)
  • Heavy duty vehicle with 4-wheel brakes
  • 1315 lbs(596.5 kg) towing capacity


Spray Systems

  •  18.5’ or 20’ Super Boom
  • TeeJet® Radion 8140 w/ GPS speed sensor


  • Water Fill Meter Kit - gallons or liters
  • Manual hose Reel – 200’ (61m) 
  • Electric Hose Reel – 200’ (61m)
  • Fresh Water Wash Tank
  • Foam Marker
  • Chemical Cleanload Safe fill System
  • Pistol Grip JD9 Spray Gun

Technical Specifications

Download the full technical specifications document.